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15 February 2007 @ 03:02 pm
I no longer love snow.

it is wet and mushy and conceals giant puddles of water.

its also very very dirty and when limos and cabs scream past you it splatters your lovely pants.

it also makes it very easy to fall over and then people laugh at you.

but it looks pretty at first...

in other news yesterday I saw wicked. It was so fantastic, especially because I got such an excellent seat. I brought a restriced viewing seat because im a stingy person but then because of the blizzard some people didnt show up and I could subtly shuffle along to almost the centre of the row and considering I was in the second row it was a choice position!

Then sparky and I went for a romantic dinner to this pizza restuarant and our waiter is the props guy at the rocky horror picture show! Its one of the ones where the actors act in front of the movie and the audience gets all involved so he reserved the entire front row for us on saturday which is gonig to be fantastic!

Then after that we went to this Brazillian dance thing which was pretty fabbo as well. It was especially good because it was free! Sparkys friend works at the theature so we can get free tickets!

Then I had frostbite of the toes and I suspected they where turning black so I headed home.

All in All it was a lovely day!

Now tonight im tossing up between going to see the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee or the new hugh grant/ drew barrymore movie. I think im going to delve the broadway rhelm because its still freezing and theres probably a bunch of cheap tickets left.

anyway this aggressive internet cafe is blinking manically at me so I must depart!

im coming home on wednesday so you should all start preparing yourselves and making banners for my welcoming commitee!
31 January 2007 @ 08:59 pm
So I'm having an absolutely amazing time!

I've actually aclimatized to the weather which is rather unexpected and anything above -4 is just dandy!

Last night there was snow which was so beautiful! It started rather late at night so all the street lights illuminated it and it looked fantastic. I was so excited I went for a little walk around the neighbourhood taking photos and being a tacky tourist and meet some wonderful new friends along the way! Wandering around the streets alone in the middle of the night is definatly a good way to pick up. One lovely gentleman offered to walk me to my building for a chance to 'feel some australian booty' I was less than impressed and responded that for that sort of action he better at least buy me a drink, then I quickly departed when he headed for the liquor store!

But anyway! Last night was definatly my best so far. I went and saw Rent with Vince which was fantastic, even better that I expected it to be. It amazing how much control of there voices they had when they where jumping off tables and running upstairs. It was 2000x better than the movie, incompareable really. So before the show we went to this cute little french restuarant and I had the most delicious lamb. First food then rent then snow! Life was good!

Today there was still some snow around so I went to central park and took photos and to the Met and then me and sparky went out for a romantic steak dinner. It was so tasty. Like the best steak ive ever eaten. It was from this little argentinian restuarnt and it was just a giant hunk of tender meat. I was very impressed!

I went to the New York Public library yesterday and looked at the exhibitions there and went into the reading room. Its amazing, its the most massive building and the ceiling has all these beautiful pictures all over. Plus everything in marble, in alot of places actually. I think there a little obsessed....

I went to the creepiest place the other day, its called American Girl Place and its this massive store filled with dolls and doll accessories. It's totally over the top, it even has a theatre where it performs musicals based on the dolls. It was seriously excessive they even had a doll salon! Yes indeed, you take your doll there and they do its hair. You can't tell me thats not wierd!

Things are so different here, the stores are open late, theres so many shows and movies, theres always something to do. And theres so much free stuff. People who think New York is expensive are wrong, I mean it can be for a lot of things but if you look around its so easy to find cheap alternatives. But the stores being open so late is so convient! the bodega's are open 24/7 and theres like 6 within a block from the apartment, take away places are open till at least 1 and deliver within 5 minutes and everything else is normally open until 9 or 10. The other day omar went and got his hair cut at 9.30, and it was open as it is every night. Even duane reade (priceline) half of them are open 24/7 and the other half don't close before 10. Its so fabulously convenient!

I'm looking into taking a little trip this weekend, maybe boston or washington, its only $30 return on the bus so I can proably get away with $100 for the whole weekend! Im so deliciously stingy. Toronto is going to be more expensive though but I deflnatly want to go to niagra falls, even if the maid of the mist isnt working and im probably going to freeze to death.

The other day I was in the same internet cafe and the guy next to me was participating in a live gay chat. It was rather amusing, as if you do that in a cafe where theres no privacy!

The girl sitting on the computer next to me is listening to a song with the lyrics-
'I want to fuck you fuck you I already know I want to fuck you fuck you come on lets go"
Its hard not to laugh out loud. Very hard!

This is the best internet cafe ever!
27 October 2006 @ 07:44 am
I got a job at Dan Murpheys!

Wahoo! I knew so many shady nights of drinking down alley ways would benefit me!
16 October 2006 @ 03:18 pm
The internet is fucking up so she asked me to post this for her!

This is now the fourth time ive attempted to write this email. Im starting to lose my patience very very quickly. First the internet didn’t work at all, now it is and its working shonkily. Well anyway. So im finally here in LA. Its just like I imagined it to be. Its still all really surreal though and I cant believe im actually here. The whole bus trip to my hostel I just looked out the window open mouthed, not believing what I was actually seeing. Its really scary when I cross a road cos the cars are coming at you on the wrong side and everything is just so different in every way. Already ive had at least 5 homeless people ask me for money. Theyre everywhere.

The flights were long and exhausting and hot and stuffy. Mel to NZ was alright but the NZ to LA was a killer. 12 hour flight and I couldn’t sleep at all. Its impossible to sleep against a wall in an upright position. And to make my nerves even worse just as I sat down on the plane a kid a few aisles back from me threw up before we even took off. So I spent the whole trip breathing in germy air and am now constantly stressing about getting sick.

The hostel is alright but the room im in is full of grumpy old ladies. Like as in old old. 50+ so much for making all these awesome friends. I met some aussie guys when I first got here who are from Melbourne but haven’t seen them since.

My internet time is almost out so I better end this but just thought id let you all know im alive and will update as often as possible.

Love you long time,
10 October 2006 @ 07:30 pm

I was showing my sister my favorite personals and we found even more gold!

Under Male Seeks Female

A Businessman 47 seeks slim attractive uni student for daytime meetings.

Free Accom, Car & Cash Mid 30's, good looking Aussie guy, looking for live-in partner up to mid 30's.

GUY seeks lady with tatoos

Herpes Male 41 n/s slim seeks classy female for f/ship r/ship

Married Handyman seeking lady for casual fun

Tall Single good looking guy 50 seeks single female 40-50 with styled hair

46 5'11'' fit peninsula . Do you need a bit different Gemini

6ft 2 Single teddy bear type seeking female 40-45 for f/ship r/ship

Honestly where do these people come from? Im highly amused and a little disturbed......

27 September 2006 @ 07:41 pm
Dear Diary,

Where in rosebud, jamming up the holiday vibe. The house is a le freezing shack but maddys making pie with foyo! We forgot the freaking xbox cord so we have nothing to do, well not nothing but less than average. Where watching the l word after discussing how much we would have to be paid to do certain things for example chris would have anal sex with pretty much anything for $10 and me and kat would do the hanky panky for $5,000 each, well I stooped to $4,000! Now kats making le shit music on her lame guitar I’m writing a lj entry on her laptop with no Internet connection. Its rather pathetic, actually very pathetic. Now where talking about head shapes.
In other news me and maddy went to the cousins yesterday and formed a hip band, The Purple People Eaters. We where so cool, we drew inspiration from Japanese make-up and the clash’s music, with a sprinkle of the ramones fashion. It was serious hot. Heres the lyrics to our first song!

Sex God

When I wake up in the morning
I raring to go
I’m so not yawning
When I tease my fro

Shizzel my nizzel
I’m the coolest guy in town
I’m so hot that I sizzle
Everyone wants to do me on the ground

Squence, Sparkles, Glitter
I’ve never looked hippier
Everyone else looks shitter
You bloody Ripper


Urologist, Gynaecologist, Proctologists
I’ve had them all
I seduced them under the disco ball
17 August 2006 @ 04:31 pm
Just a shout out that my sister is forming 'the board game club' at star and is looking for speakers with special board gaming skills!

Also any promotional ideas would be totally hip!
02 August 2006 @ 04:50 pm
Mwhahahaahahah I'm so excited! I just got a letter from the company that gave me a parking fine and there cancelling it! So now i'm $100 richer! Wootang my friends!

Its seriously made my day, im so happy now.
11 July 2006 @ 01:23 pm

Last night I had to oddest dream about going to japan on my honeymoon, but I didnt have a husband and there was this guy from summerland who was friend.  It was rather bizzare!

It started of getting there and I had these ladybird balloons and to get to japan you had to get into these submarines because there was this little underwater rock passage thing you had to go through to get there so I first thought id swim it but then I was worried about my balloons so I decided to take the submarine and then it kind of jumped and I was sitting on these rocks and the edge of the water with my dog and I was wondering why no one was sitting close to the water but then the submarines popped up and the water wasd sloshing everything in the water so I quickly grabbed maggie and ran up the rocky beach thing and then I looked back and my ipod was sitting on the rock about to be washed off so I had to quickly dive down and get it and I nearly got sucked into the water but I saved it.  And the I went to a cafe and was having coffee with the guy from summerland and he was my best friend and we where chatting and then the dream kind of ended.  It was so bizzaro.

Anyway Im trying to pump up the work so I can actually have some spending money for splendour, considering at the moment I'm going to be living on 2 minute noodles and water for the entire week.

How shunty has the weather been?  im freezing my pootie off.  Oh and my fucking neighbours brought bongo drums and have taken to practicing at 4am.  Fabulous!

10 July 2006 @ 10:26 am
+12:30 to 13:30
+13:30 to 15:30
+10:30 to 11:30
+13:30 to 14:30
+9:30 to 11:30
+13:30 to 15:30
+15:30 to 17:30
+13:30 to 15:30